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A country within Eastern Connecticut State University. Initially a dictatorship run by Dyanjoule Valentine, she had been quickly ousted and delivered to Uconn because of the latest Burnapian recruits.Burnap after that enjoyed an extended amount of peace and prosperity, having a more democratic form of government run by a council referred to as RAs. Under this brand-new system, assault is at at least, if present whatsoever. However, partying and ingesting had been ever present in the confides of this condition.Recently, Burnap was chosen an innovative new ruler as opposed to Dyanjoule Valentine. Just generally Katie, this woman is younger and contains however to jeopardize the peaceful life style regarding the Burnapians.Compared towards residing nations around it, Burnap is leading with regards to total well being. Where other individuals failed, the individuals of Burnap have managed to unify a varied populace for improvement of on their own. Really a beacon for generations to come