What does Burlington Mall mean?

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Absolutely one of the worst malls in Massachusetts, if so even United States. Everyone there is certainly either a 13 yr old middle schooler with absolutely nothing safer to do on a Friday night, than wear Snapback caps, tight jeans, and argue about how precisely much their "swag" owns yours. Or full of Emotional goth kids just who smoke weed when you look at the part regarding the cafeteria, near shotcakes. The shopping center isn't that bad, this has a variety of good stores, particularly: Champs, Apple, Lindt chocolate, Brookstone, etc... but going along from that, it is the terrible individuals who fill the shopping mall, whom make it a horrible experience. I can also ensure that 75% of the girls indeed there all you will need to meet guys; in order to provide blowjobs behind Abercrombie and Fitch, and pass on their Hepatitis C. The cafeteria is also disgusting, most of the "mall food" tastes equivalent, and it is also truly, truly, dirty. The most notable thing for this shopping center may be the motion picture Paul Blart: Mall Cop was filmed here, but hey, also that sucked. The course that a lot of people have learned is not to look at this little bit of shit, and discover a significantly better action to take after that be mall rats.