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Burkhard suggests a wonderful, creative guy just who never ever grows old and who actually understands to enjoy their life. An impishly gorgeous intimate monster of Teutonic myth. The Burkhard's primary energy arises from his stunning masculine charm, cripplingly erotic musk, and devil-may-carejoy de vivre.Attempts were made to domestic this animal with little success. They can be decked out, and taken out for steak dinner, but extreme caution should always be exercised whenever vodka is involve, whilst the Burkhard is really as more likely to make nice like to you, as he will be run naked thru the roads putting on only a wicked grin.Further study shows the burkhard wants to kissed and cuddle while he falls to sleep, and when asleep seems both innocent and precious... DONT BE FOOLED, as this all disappears upon waking.. he is back once again to being the Satyr he was simple hours before, just today he's rested and seeking for you to definitely play with, munch on, and scrub against.