What does Burke mean?

Burke meaning in General Dictionary

To murder by suffocation or so as to produce couple of scars of violence for the purpose of getting a body become sold for dissection

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  • murder without leaving a trace on the body
  • eradicate, silence, or suppress
  • British statesman famous for his oratory; pleaded the explanation for the American colonists in British Parliament and defended the parliamentary system (1729-1797)
  • US frontierswoman and legendary figure regarding the Wild West noted on her marksmanship (1852-1903)
  • To murder by suffocation, roughly as to produce few marks of physical violence, for the purpose of getting a human anatomy is sold for dissection.
  • To dump quietly or indirectly; to control; to smother; to shelve; because, to burke a parliamentary concern.

Burke meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: German
Name Gender: Male

Burke meaning in Etymology Dictionary

family title (first recorded 1066), from Anglo-Norman pronunciation of Old English burgh. Not typical in England it self, but it took root in Ireland, in which William de Burgo went in 1171 with Henry II and soon after became Earl of Ulster. As shorthand for a royalty research guide, it signifies "an over-all and Heraldic Dictionary associated with Peerage and Baronetage for the great britain," very first issued 1826, compiled by John Burke (1787-1848). As a verb definition "murder by smothering," it really is abstracted from William Burk, performed in Edinburgh 1829 for murdering a number of people to sell their health for dissection.

Burke meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To murder by suffocation, or more on create few scars of assault, for the purpose of acquiring a body to-be sold for dissection.

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  • (v. t.) To dispose of quietly or indirectly; to control; to smother; to shelve; since, to burke a parliamentary question.

Sentence Examples with the word Burke

The chivalry from which Burke drew his ideas was, so far as it existed at all, the product of a far later age.

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