What does Burgundy mean?

Burgundy meaning in General Dictionary

a vintage province of France inside eastern main part

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  • an old province of east France this is certainly famous for its wines
  • purple dining table wine from the Burgundy region of France (or any comparable wine made elsewhere)
  • a dark purplish-red to blackish-red shade
  • a classic province of France (within the east central part).
  • A richly tasting wine, mainly red, built in Burgundy, France.

Burgundy meaning in Names Dictionary

'King Henry V' and 'Henry VI, role 1' and 'Tragedy of King Lear' Duke of Burgundy.
Name Origin: Shakespearean
Name Gender: Male

Burgundy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, "wine built in Burgundy," region and previous duchy in France. The place name is from Medieval Latin Burgundia, from Late Latin Burgundiones, virtually "highlanders," from PIE *bhrgh-nt- "high, great," from root *bhrgh- "high" (see borough).

Burgundy meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) An old province of France (within the east main component).

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  • (n.) A richly flavored wine, mainly red, produced in Burgundy, France.

Sentence Examples with the word Burgundy

He died in 481 and was succeeded by his son Clovis, who conquered the whole of Gaul with the exception of the kingdom of Burgundy and Provence.

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