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The act of getting not merely waste materials once you wipe and semen on toilet paper A portmanteau regarding the first and final brands of the most extremely wonderful woman worldwide.If you understand Burgoon & she believes that you're okay, think about yourself fortunate; if you know Burgoon & she likes you, start thinking about yourself endowed; if you know Burgoon & she more than simply "likes" you, well...then...that's just too good to be true.The best friend anybody can possibly have.A man would-be regarding their flipping mind to accomplish something that would upset Burgoon - for 3 reasons:1) She deserves much better.2) He should be aware better.3) She will go Schenect on their ass.Burgoon's only flaws feature:1) She's blind to her very own beauty and cleverness.2) She can be a little suggest on occasion.3) She believes she is a complete hell of a great deal funnier than she actually is - which will be quite funny in and of itself.4) "(-:" <------ she actually is already been known to abuse bad small smileys.