What does Burger Splash mean?

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A street fighting term utilized in Glasgow, Scotland. Just like a belly splash however with a subtle distinction, the executer for the hamburger splash should have eaten a 100% beef hamburger no more than half an hour prior to the move is carried out.The very first recognize example ended up being the infamous fight between your Big Daddy and Dark Horse (LL cool G). It is known that the hamburger splash ended up being delivered with such ferocity that the imprint for the Dark Horse (LL cool G) can still be thought by most of the motorists that drive on it on St Vincent Street each and every day.Rumour features it the movie Any Which Method But Loose will be based upon these activities together with personality Philo Beddoe had been modelled from the Big Daddy although the determination for Tank Murdoch ended up being extracted from The Dark Horse (LL cool G). Financial firms unconfirmed.