What does Burg mean?

Burg meaning in General Dictionary

A fortified town

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  • colloquial United states term for a town
  • A fortified city.
  • A borough.

Burg meaning in Names Dictionary

Variant of Berg: Mountain.
Name Origin: German
Name Gender: Male

Burg meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"town or city," 1843, United states English colloquial, from numerous place-names ending in -burg (see borough; in addition see -ville).

Burg - German to English

castle [fortified, esp. associated with the medieval period]

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  • fortress
  • Hochosterwitz Castle
  • Karlštejn Castle
  • Masyaf Castle
  • castle with moat
  • Alanya Castle
  • Wettin Castle
  • (beaver's) lodge

Burg meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A fortified city.

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  • (letter.) A borough.

Sentence Examples with the word Burg

The circulation of water in the Baltic proper must be considered apart from the circulation in the channels connecting it with the Circu1 North Sea; and in this relation the plateau connecting the islands Falster and Moen with the coast of Mecklen burg and Rugen must be taken as the dividing line.

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