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an extremely advanced and upper class black individual. Usually a Black town or residential district citizen with a well-paid expert job and an affluent lifestyle.b(lack) + (y)uppie Black Urban Expert. Black specialists and executives inside their late twenties and early thirties. Produced by the term "yuppie".A buppie is a "black metropolitan professional". They probably attended a HBCU. Howard, Morehouse, Spelman, or Morgan State can be a number of the schools they graduated from. They most likely crossed to a sorority or fraternity like Alpha Phi Alpha and Alpha Kappa Alpha. They the have a qualification in business, law, finance, or accounting and their particular goal in life is to be showcased in Ebony business.You'll find many Buppies in Chicago, D.C., Harlem, and Atlanta. They probably conduct business inside enjoyment industry. They usually hang out in teams and let it be known that they are well endowed by using as yet not known however expensive fashion designer clothing and yelling on their smart mobile phones in VERY public places. They even search for any chance they are able to to boast about their particular MBA, greek life, and "beating chances". They also get pleasure from berating any black person with questions about just what university they decided to go to, which performed the pledge to, and their particular previous economic standings.The buppie personal life is quite crucial to all of them but describe their constant partying as "networking".The buppie lifestyle often recycles over years.