What does Bunsen burner mean?

Bunsen burner meaning in General Dictionary

a type of burner conceived by Professor Bunsen of Heidelberg consisting of a straight tube 4 or 5 ins in total having small holes the entry of air at the bottom Illuminating gas being in addition accepted at the end an assortment of gas and atmosphere is created which burns off at the very top with a feebly luminous but extremely hot fire

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  • a gas burner found in laboratories; has actually an air valve to manage the combination of fuel and air

Bunsen burner meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1879, called for Prof. Robert Wilhelm Bunsen (1811-1899) of Heidelberg, who invented it in 1855. He also ended up being co-inventor for the spectroscope.

Sentence Examples with the word Bunsen burner

If a short length of platinum wire be inserted vertically into a lighted Bunsen burner the luminous line may be used as a slit and viewed directly through a prism.

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