What does Bunny Syndrome mean?

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Bunny Syndrome is a rather serious disease!It transforms humans into mutes! And mutes into completely separated social retards.Symptoms include:- severe shyness causing an inabilty to speak with the alternative sex coherently- Nervousness to the point of trembling, dry lips, believed loss, and/or losing words- Denying that women want your cock when actually they are actally lusting because of it in an almost in humane manner.- Studying inside libary during meal hours in the place of haning on with pals or attempting to make friends.- No curiosity about social/cultural events such as "HOMECoMING"- Making a handle called "Bunny Meatball"there are numerous various other symtoms to the head consuming infection which are therefore subdued, not the essential tricked away head medical practitioner can detect their housing.If you show signs of this killer, go straight for the regional medicine dealership or liquor shop, and diposit as much barbs, liquors, or intoxicants into the human body as humanly feasible. After that compose, "GO SEE CAMILLE" (in the event you forget)on your hand(s) and start a journey going look at damn girl which you demonstrably can not soberly talk to!!!