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a Bunkey is an assortment of a bunny and a monkey. they're usually present in Asia and Korea. they consume banana and noodles. when the bunkeys feel that there is a danger coming, they make a specific face that is called the 'Bunkey face'. they try to seduce folks through those pretty faces and try to escape. A mythical creature which will be a cross between a bunny and a donkey. 1. Mostly of the remaining species of United states Ape left wandering the continent. They often times display qualities just like the personal thoughts of Anger, and lust. They thrive completely on a meal plan consisting of high-protein and bitterness. Never ever look a bunkey right into the eyes, simply just curl in to the fetal postion and await help. If a bunkey is wanting to fornicate to you, just hand it a Bass, and it surely will relax. Bunkeys tend to be a cross type between the Polish and German apes of Old Europe, which probably describes their particular awful dental structure, and brief attemtion period, to not ever mentionbad pose.