What does Bundling mean?

Bundling meaning in General Dictionary

a former custom especially in brand new England by which single couples occupied the same sleep without undressing particularly during courtship See bundle2 v i

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  • a onetime custom during courtship of unmarried couples occupying similar bed without undressing
  • the work of binding some thing into a bundle
  • the work of shoving hastily
  • of Bundle

Bundling meaning in Medical Dictionary

a phrase employed by the FDA (the usa Food & Drug Administration) that refers to the addition of several products or several indications for usage for a computer device in one single premarket distribution, including products subject to the device and biologics license application (BLA) authorities, for reasons of review and user cost payment. In CBER, the definition of might also include the designation of separate submissions as you premarket submission for review and individual fee repayment. Multiple products can include the latest models of within a generic sort of unit or devices which are of varying common kinds.

Bundling meaning in Law Dictionary

link or roll-up (many things) collectively like into a parcel or rest totally clothed with someone else, particularly during courtship, as an old local customized in brand new The united kingdomt and Wales.

Bundling meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, "a gathering into a lot of money," spoken noun from bundle (v.). Meaning "sharing a bed the night, completely dressed, covered up with some one associated with opposite gender" (1782) is an old neighborhood customized in brand new The united kingdomt (especially Connecticut and southeastern Massachusetts). It had been noted indeed there from about 1750s and frequently regarded by outsiders as grossly immoral, but New Englanders published defenses from it and advertised it was practiced elsewhere, also. It seems to own faded out with all the 18th century. I am no advocate for temptation; yet must state, that bundling has actually prevailed 160 years in brand new The united kingdomt, and, We verily think, with ten times more chastity compared to sitting on a sofa. I experienced daughters, and speak from near forty many years' knowledge. Bundling occurs only in cool periods associated with the year--the sofa in summer is much more dangerous than the bed in winter months. [The Rev. Samuel Peters, "an over-all reputation for Connecticut," 1782]

Bundling meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Getting: training of consolidating two or more smaller contracts into just one contract in which the aggregate value and/or size or nature of performance requires one prize. 2. Marketing: means of offering two or more complementary items or services collectively as a deal. Bundled items can be purchased at a high price attractively less than the full total of their specific prices. Also known as cost bundling.

Bundling meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bundle

Sentence Examples with the word Bundling

Yes, there is death in this business of whaling--a speechlessly quick chaotic bundling of a man into Eternity.

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