What does Buman mean?

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a crossbreed human/bat creature popular in lots of scary films. It roams frequently in caves but can be seen at night outside, never ever in sunlight, you will never obtain a good consider it. Often can easily be tricked because of insufficient vision, relies practically totally on its echolocation hearing. No locks, and in most cases features a light pale grey epidermis complextion. They may be able start out as people which were genticly mutated.They need the soul reason for feeding on your delicious flesh.The Decent is among the numerous flicks starring Bumans since the protagionist, you will get a small glance at all of them, not for very long. Combined with the Burrowers.Note: They can maybe not travel like bats, only climb and leap actually well.Jeepers Creepers is certainly not considered a buman but in a distant family members catagory.