What does Bulsora Fail mean?

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it's the action above "epic fail". Once you call someone a Bulsora Fail its so very bad both you and everyone else around is laughing at their really existance at that moment with time.Derived from an event in World of Warcraft where an amount 70 shamen cast a HOT on a mage as Nightbane had been landing, causeing the mage to draw agro and instantly die. Used briefly by the same shamen becoming out-healed on recovery charts by his planet sheild regarding the tank. And to top the cake of fail down, as soon as the he finally passed away, the raid leader informed him to anhk, that he replied something that?It's extremely unusual to come across a person who warrents the label "Bulsora Fail", however when it occurs it typically comes following somebody is called an Epic Fail, and rest of the community is certainly not pleased with that title.