What does Bullrus mean?

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A bullrus is a creature which can be half bull, half man-walrus or half guy, half bull-walrus. This oversized abomination of nature are obtainable often grazing, belching, grunting, greltching (half grunting, half belching) or fold farting.Very much attracted to shiny items and food-stuffs which it will probably both burrow into among its folds or store for later on consumption in its numerous grottos.Also considered to be found with a companion or kin (cousin) where food-stuffs in many cases are exchanged utilizing a symbiotic link much like osmosis.The Bullrus is highly temperamental and will display threatened behaviour during food absorption or whenever an innovative new shiny item happens to be gotten rather than however stowed into the grotto. Other shows of temperament are seen whenever exchanges of shiny things are carried out through the medium of ebay.