What does Bullous pemphigoid mean?

Bullous pemphigoid meaning in Medical Dictionary

A disease characterized by tight blisters on the epidermis. The illness is due to antibodies that accumulate unusually in a layer of your skin labeled as the cellar membrane. The antigen of this autoimmune condition is localized to the hemidesmosome. Most cases of the illness are in the elderly but the illness make a difference younger folks, also babies. Bullous pemphigoid can be persistent, mild and not affect the overall health or it may be severe and compromise the fitness of the sufferer. The analysis are verified by a skin biopsy showing the irregular antibodies deposited in skin level. Treatment of moderate, minimal infection has been relevant corticosteroid lotions, but specially extreme cases may sometimes require high amounts of by mouth administered cortisone-like medicines (corticosteroids) or any other immune suppression medicines. .