What does Bulletin Board mean?

Bulletin Board meaning in Finance Dictionary

A facility on a web page enabling people to publish communications on a specific subject and ‘post' all of them on the internet site. Various other people browse the message and post a reply, which often is visible to others. The theory is to create a discussion on a particular subject through bond of emails. Financial bulletin boards incorporate a wellness warning because of the ‘pump and dump' emails - that's, communications marketing the virtues of a stock that your poster only happens to put up in his profile – and can even want to offer. As emails could be posted using a pseudonym, the temptation for a few people to do this is irresistible. In general, tips on bulletin boards should be addressed with extreme care. Some bulletin boards are monitored by an editor to make sure a good limit.

Bulletin Board meaning in General Dictionary

a computer that is operating pc software that allows users to leave communications and access information of general interest

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  • a board that hangs on a wall; shows announcements

Sentence Examples with the word Bulletin Board

There were pictures on her mantle of the two of them together when he was younger, toys piled into a box near her couch, a school lunch menu and more pictures -- these apparently from past Halloweens --on the bulletin board on one wall of the kitchen.

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