What does Bulimia mean?

Bulimia meaning in General Dictionary

an ailment which there clearly was a perpetual and insatiable desire for food for food a diseased and voracious appetite

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  • a disorder of eating seen among women whom continue eating binges then feel shame and depression and self-condemnation
  • pathologically insatiable appetite (especially whenever due to mind lesions)
  • Alt. of Bulimy

Bulimia meaning in Medical Dictionary

also known as bulimia nervosa. An eating condition described as attacks of secretive extortionate eating (binge-eating) followed closely by improper types of weight control, like self-induced vomiting (purging), abuse of laxatives and diuretics, or excessive exercise. The insatiable desire for food of bulimia is often interrupted by periods of anorexia.

Bulimia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1976, contemporary Latin, from Greek boulimia, "ravenous hunger" as an ailment, literally "ox-hunger," from bou-, intensive prefix (originally from bous "ox;" see cow (n.)) + limos "hunger," from PIE root *leie- "to waste away." As a psychological disorder, officially bulemia nervosa. Englished bulimy had been used from belated 14c. in a medical feeling of "ravishing appetite."

Bulimia meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Bulimy