What does Bukemia mean?

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A medical condition impacting short, thick, squat, red-headed girls in university. One sad guy that encountered one, labeled the woman appearance as "freckles in just about every areas," in mention of the the plentiful circulation of freckles on her whole body, perhaps the tits and buttocks areas. These usually are football players, or always play football or softball (which plays a part in their particular condition), or love to date football people. This condition resembles the Napoleon complex that affects shorter men. They tend become excessively confident inside their appearance and desirability on opposite sex. They always relate to every person as "hun" or some other cute term that produces them feel superior to other individuals whilst sounding like they sincerely like them.If you're having relations of any kind with a lady of the type, they should be prepared for everyone to know about exactly how "she believed you had been attractive, but just maybe not the woman type," even though the reverse is quite true.Also, for anyone who is exposed to a woman enduring Bukemia, you should instantly either eliminate the woman head from the woman human body, cut your penis off, or preferentially, both.you will find organizations for males who've been severly traumatized by Bukemia. The initial documented instance of Bukemia occurred in Decatur, IL. Their name is believed to have already been Steve. Rest in comfort, Steve; she can't harm you any longer.