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he Bugis would be the most numerous associated with three major linguistic and cultural groups of South Sulawesi, the southwestern province of Sulawesi, Indonesia's 3rd biggest area. Although a lot of Bugis live in the big port towns of Makassar and Parepare, the majority is farmers just who grow damp rice from the lowland plains towards the north and western associated with city of Maros. The name Bugis is an exonym which presents a mature as a type of title; (To) Ugi may be the endonym.The Bugis speak a definite regional language along with Indonesian, called Basa Ugi, Bugis or Buginese. In reality, there are a several dialects, several of that are sufficiently different from other individuals to be considered individual languages. Bugis is one of the South Sulawesi language team; other members feature Makasar, Toraja, Mandar and Enrekang, each becoming a series of dialects.2In historic European literature, the Bugis have actually a reputation if you are intense, war-like, and industrious. Honor, standing, and rank are of great significance into the Bugis. They're a self-sufficient individuals who have an optimistic self image and tend to be very confident of their own capabilities. As the utmost many group in your community (more than 5 million), they usually have had considerable impact on their particular neighbors.

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The raja of Achin, in northern Sumatra, is said to have been converted as early as 1206, while the Bugis people in Celebes are supposed not to have become Mahommedans until 1495.

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