What does Buffal-Ho Buffalhoe's mean?

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A large overly intense feminine (no specific competition - ethnicity - or age) whom uses nearly all their time lounging, self-indulging and blaming all their misfortunes what ever excuse they can get a hold of (friends, household, federal government, their young ones, infant's daddy or insufficient, planetary alignment, etc.) as opposed to taking responsibility for very own actions and/or choices. Buffal-Ho is a variety of size, look and lifestyle.**NOT BECOME CONFUSED WITH STYLISH BIG LADY (BBW)**THE TYPICAL BUFFAL-HO SIGHTING:* The Maury Povich Show & Jerry Springer Show* At your neighborhood bar/night club aggressively pursuing or rubbing on stranger(s)* In a residential parking area or walking from a residence while adjusting their particular skirt/blouse/panties - usually between the 3AM to 5AM.* Any vehicle in which one part is considered straight down a lot more than another.* At the part market buying numerous high-fructose beverages, 2 training course canned food supper for her and/or the woman young ones while buying lotto tickets and low grade alcoholic beverages drinks - Buffal-Hos is visible inside activity between 5PM-8PM at the very least four days out of each week. All the effortless ass girls at that work inthe Buffalo's restaurants nationwide. These women will often be quick to get into the sack with little to no or no effort from pursuing male whatsoever.