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in a nutshell, sort of the crotch-rocket unit of Harley Davidson. Buell is The united states's only significant sportbike brands.The company is dependent in East Troy, Wisconsin, also it had been started by ex-Harley professional, Erik Buell. Buell started building bicycles back 1983 when Buell himself took Harley's Sporster engine and bolted to his or her own frame. These days, Buell creates the best bikes most abundant in unconventionally appealing design cues, such as for instance their particular transparent, colored fairings as well as the full-rim disc brakes. These bikes seriously stick out in just about any crowd.Currently, Buell has actually three models. Their basic level model could be the Blast which utilizes a 492cc, 34bhp, single cylinder. The Ulysses is an adventure sport cycle this is certainly extremely capable on and off the trail. It uses a 1203cc, 103bhp, V-Twin. Buell's naked cycle or streetfighter may be the Lightning. You will find four trim amounts: XB12S, XB12Ss, XB9SX, & XB12Scg. -XB12S: 1203cc, 103bhp, V-Twin-XB12Ss: 1203cc, 103bhp, V-Twin-XB9SX: 984cc, 92bhp, V-Twin-XB12Scg: 1203cc, 103bhp, V-TwinBuell's top-of-the-line cycle may be the Firebolt which is offered while the XB12R and/or XB9R.-XB12R: 1203cc, 103bhp, V-Twin-XB9R: 984cc, 92bhp, V-TwinBuells are awesome. Great motorcycles for folks who desire to be noticed from the audience. 1. to fully fuck something up2. To waste time3. Full and total confusion4. A noob