What does Budget mean?

Budget meaning in General Dictionary

a case or sack along with its articles for this reason a stock or shop a build up as a budget of innovations

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  • a sum of cash allocated for a certain purpose
  • make a budget
  • a listing of desired expenditures and proposals for how to fulfill all of them
  • A bag or sack having its items; ergo, a stock or store; a build up; because, a budget of innovations.
  • The annual financial record that your Uk chancellor of the exchequer tends to make inside your home of Commons. It comprehends a basic view of funds associated with the country, with the proposed plan of taxation when it comes to ensuing 12 months. The term is sometimes placed on a comparable declaration in other countries.

Budget meaning in Economics Dictionary

An annual process to determine just how much community investing there ought to be in the year forward and exactly what mixture of taxation, billing for services and borrowing from the bank should fund it. The cost management process differs extremely from one country to another. In the United States, including, the president proposes a budget in February for fiscal year beginning here October, but it has to-be authorized by Congress. By the time your final decision needs to be manufactured, ideally, no later than September, you can find often three competing versions: the president's latest proposition, one from the Senate and another through the home of Representatives. What finally emerges is the outcome of last-minute negotiations. Occasionally, delays in agreeing the spending plan have led to the temporary closing of some authorities offices. Contrast this using the UK, where most of just what the government proposes is generally authorized by parliament, and some changes simply take effect as soon as these are generally announced (susceptible to subsequent parliamentary vote).

Budget meaning in Law Dictionary

name provided in The united kingdomt on declaration yearly provided to parliament because of the chancellor of exchequer, containing the estimates associated with the nationwide income and expenditure.

Budget meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"to incorporate in a (financial) spending plan," 1884, from spending plan (n.). Related: Budgeted; cost management.

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  • early 15c., "leather pouch," from center French bougette, diminutive of Old French bouge "leather case, wallet, pouch," from Latin bulga "leather bag," of Gaulish source (compare Old Irish bolg "bag," Breton bolc'h "flax pod"), from PIE *bhelgh- (see stomach (n.)). Modern-day economic definition (1733) is from notion of treasury minister maintaining his financial programs in a wallet. Another 18c. transferred good sense had been "bundle of development," thus making use of your message while the subject of some magazines.

Budget meaning in Business Dictionary

An estimate of prices, profits, and sources over a specified period, showing a reading of future economic circumstances and targets. One of the most essential administrative resources, a budget acts additionally as a (1) course of action for attaining quantified targets, (2) standard for measuring overall performance, and (3) device for dealing with foreseeable bad circumstances.

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spending plan

Budget meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A bag or sack using its articles; for this reason, a stock or shop; an accumulation; because, a budget of innovations.

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  • (letter.) The yearly financial record that the British chancellor regarding the exchequer tends to make inside your home of Commons. It comprehends a broad view regarding the funds regarding the country, using the suggested plan of taxation for ensuing 12 months. The word can be applied to a similar declaration in other countries.

Sentence Examples with the word Budget

Agger, The Budget in American Commonwealths (New York, 1907).

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