What does Buddy mean?

Buddy meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Buddy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1850, United states English, possibly a modification of cousin, or from British colloquial butty "friend" (1802), it self perhaps a variant of booty in booty other "confederate which shares plunder" (1520s). But butty, indicating "work-mate," also was a localized dialect term in The united kingdomt and Wales, attested since 18c., and very long related to coal miners. Brief form bud is attested from 1851. Reduplicated type buddy-buddy (adj.) attested by 1952, American English. Lenny Kent, a long-time fave right here, is actually inside the factor. ... After one month right here he is got everone in town saying, "Hiya, Buddy, Buddy" with a drawl simulating their. [writeup on Ned Schuyler's 5 O'Clock Club, Miami Beach, Fla., "Billboard," Nov. 12, 1949] Friend system attested from 1920.

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  • 1931, possibly originally U.S. underworld slang, usually with up, from buddy (n.). Related: Buddied; buddying.

Buddy meaning in Sports Dictionary

title fond of a companion diver. (sport: diving)

Buddy meaning in General Dictionary

a detailed friend whom accompanies their buddies within their activities

Sentence Examples with the word Buddy

We know you and your good buddy Jake Weller played it fast and loose last summer when that guy Glick got killed.

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