What does Buddhist mean?

Buddhist meaning in General Dictionary

Of or pertaining to Buddha Buddhism or the Buddhists

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  • a person who takes the teachings of Buddhism
  • of or concerning or promoting Buddhism
  • person who uses the teachings of Buddha
  • a person who accepts the teachings of Buddhism.
  • Of or related to Buddha, Buddhism, or the Buddhists.

Buddhist meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1810, from Buddha + -ist. A youthful term in this feeling was a direct borrowing from the bank of Sanskrit Bauddha "follower of Buddha" (1801 in English), hence very early erroneous hybrid compounds particularly Boudhist, Bauddhist.

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Buddhist meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A person who takes the teachings of Buddhism.

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  • (a.) Of or regarding Buddha, Buddhism, and/or Buddhists.

Sentence Examples with the word Buddhist

The Buddhist sculptors, however, tended to grow more conventional and the metal-workers more naturalistic as the 18th century began to wane.

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