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When a man does oral sex on a woman without expectation of reciprocation or intercourse. Opposite of laced up. Additionally used as buckle up-and buckle her/me up. When people (mostly females) have actually attained adequate body weight or gotten of sufficient age your size of their lower stomach triggers their particular gear buckles to aim up towards sky rather than away because it normally would in a slim individual. Females often carry their particular additional body size in the shape of a "pocket" or "bubble" and their particular jeans cover this "pod." Since ladies put on their pants greater than males because of their body structure, their devices remain atop with this globule and cause the bult buckle to aim upward. Things are very bad if this sac is bigger than a lady's breasts. Things are extremely, very bad whenever you cannot also see whether a lady is experiencing Buckle Up because of the belt buckle becoming sandwiched under their particular huge tits and above their particular balloned abdomen.CAUTION: Buckling Up could cause blindness! There is record of men and women losing their eyesight as a result of rays of the sun reflecting away from a belt buckle and shining into another person's eyes.