What does Buch mean?

Buch - German to English


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  • psalterium [Omasum]
  • guide for Christmas
  • Book of Baruch (Bar)
  • book
  • book regarding the Bible
  • Bible
  • guide of secret
  • Automata [book by Heron of Alexandria]
  • Metrica [book by Heron of Alexandria]
  • Book of Revelation
  • Dioptra [book by Heron of Alexandria]
  • Book of Ecclesiastes [called Qoheleth]
  • Belopoeica [book by Heron of Alexandria; a description of war devices]
  • Book of Psalms
  • Book of Shadows
  • Book of Proverbs
  • bills-payable guide
  • bills payable book
  • (Book of) Wisdom
  • Solomon's Book of Wisdom
  • guide of quotations
  • beginner's guide
  • guide to loan out
  • book for using children
  • guide meant for students
  • guide ideal for young people
  • book in folio kind
  • (The Wisdom of Jesus son of) Sirach
  • Book of Judith
  • Book of Ecclesiastes
  • book containing dishes
  • illustrated book
  • dog-eared book
  • guide with a golden address
  • book with diagrams in text
  • comic book
  • guide with a gilt top
  • book with private commitment
  • guide of seven seals
  • book with figures in text
  • Book of Tobit [Book of Tobias in older Catholic Bibles]
  • motion picture tie-in book
  • volume
  • quire [quantity of report]
  • book on France

Sentence Examples with the word Buch

Von Buch laid stress on geographical isolation as the cause of production of varieties, the different conditions of the environment and the segregated interbreeding gradually producing local races.

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