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A buby is a pet name for the individual you can't live without. Your one true-love. A buby is some one you've got a soulmate type connection with. Exactly like bubby a name you would phone a pet or your grandma. Its a particular sorts of individual actually this person is usually given the title " Buby " (pronounced like boobie) from right after beginning or growing up as a child. This individual is different truth be told there eyes may occasionally alter color (like brown to hazel or light brown or have actually green eyes) into the streets the name is obviously associated with a person who is known distinctively because of their reputation, ( particularly a pimp or community pharmacists), eyes, attitude(relaxed and on point) Or a particular method in which could make them stickout. But the name is never taken its offered. ( like by mom or brothers or friends as a nickname when growing up) good bye, bye-bye We made this term on the world-wide-web whenever I don't like saying goodbye.