What does Bubonic plague mean?

Bubonic plague meaning in General Dictionary

a serious and sometimes deadly illness brought on by illness using bacterium Yersinia pestis formerly Pasteurella pestis transmitted to man because of the bite of fleas on their own frequently infected by biting contaminated rodents it's characterized by the forming of buboes such as in the groin and armpits and combined with weakness and large temperature The disease ended up being referred to as black colored death and had been responsible for a number of devastating plagues for the dark ages whenever lung area became infected the condition was called the pneumonic plague it's still found sometimes in poor regions of undeveloped countries it is rare in developed nations

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  • the most common form of the plague in humans; described as chills, prostration, delirium and also the development of buboes inside armpits and crotch; does not distribute from person to person

Bubonic plague meaning in Medical Dictionary

An infectious illness this is certainly due to the bacterium Yersinia pestis and it is transmitted to people from contaminated rats because of the oriental rat flea. Its called for characteristic feature of buboes (painfully increased lymph nodes) inside crotch, armpits, throat, and elsewhere. Various other the signs of bubonic plague consist of inconvenience, temperature, chills, and weakness. Bubonic plague can result in gangrene (tissue death) of the fingers, feet, and nose. Also referred to as Black Death and Black Plague.

Sentence Examples with the word Bubonic plague

It is not till the 6th century of our era, in the reign of Justinian, that we find bubonic plague in Europe, a s a part of the great cycle of pestilence, accompanied by extraordinary natural phenomena, which lasted fifty years, and is described with a singular misunderstanding of medical terms by Gibbon in his forty-third chapter.

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