What does Bubo mean?

Bubo meaning in General Dictionary

a swelling with development of a lymphatic gland esp in crotch as in syphilis

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  • a lymph node that's inflamed and swollen due to plague or gonorrhea or tuberculosis
  • a genus of Strigidae
  • An inflammation, with enlargement, of a lymphatic gland, esp. within the crotch, as in syphilis.

Bubo meaning in Medical Dictionary

An enlarged lymph node which tender and painful. Buboes specially occur in the groin and armpit (the axillae). These distended glands have emerged in many different infectious conditions, including gonorrhea, syphilis, tuberculosis, as well as the eponymous bubonic plague.

Bubo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., plural buboes, from later Latin bubo (genitive bubonis) "swelling of lymph glands" (in the crotch), from Greek boubon "the groin, inflammation when you look at the groin."

Bubo meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An inflammation, with development, of a lymphatic gland, esp. into the crotch, like in syphilis.

Sentence Examples with the word Bubo

The Ecuadorean owl is the Bubo nigrescens.

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