What does Brythonic mean?

Brythonic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"of this Britons, Welsh," 1884, from Welsh Brython, cognate with Latin Britto (see Briton). Introduced by Welsh Celtic scholar Professor John Rhys (1840-1915) in order to avoid the confusion of using Briton/British with regards to ancient individuals, religions, and languages.

Brythonic meaning in General Dictionary

a southern group of Celtic languages

Sentence Examples with the word Brythonic

That they were non-Aryan, the theory of Sir John Rhys, seems improbable; for the non-English placenames of Scotland are either Gaelic or Brythonic (more or less Welsh), and the names of Pictish kings are either common to Gaelic and Welsh (or Cymric, or Brythonic), or are Welsh in their phonetics.

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