What does Bryony mean?

Bryony meaning in General Dictionary

the most popular title of several cucurbitaceous plants associated with genus Bryonia The root of Bryonia alba rough bryony or white bryony as well as Bryonia dioica is a good irritating cathartic

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  • a vine for the genus Bryonia having huge leaves and small blossoms and yielding acrid juice with emetic and purgative properties
  • the typical name of several cucurbitaceous plants of the genus Bryonia. The main of B. alba (harsh or white bryony) as well as B. dioica is a stronger, annoying cathartic.

Bryony meaning in Names Dictionary

Vine with little flowers.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Female

Bryony meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The normal name of a few cucurbitaceous plants regarding the genus Bryonia. The root of B. alba (harsh or white bryony) and of B. dioica is a solid, annoying cathartic.

Sentence Examples with the word Bryony

They are generally of a more or less oval or elliptical form, or they may be globular, as in Mercurialis annua; at other times linear or clavate, curved, flexuose, or sinuose, as in bryony and gourd.

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