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1) Most Rachels tend to be nice, caring, respectful people. However, there is a particular exclusion: she actually is a vile, obnoxious, ugly, whore that features no morals or well worth. Becuase of the woman disrespectful selfish whoreish behavior, she is best to be avoided; especially when a boyfriend, fiance, or spouse is present. She doesn't care who she hurts - she only needs the requirement to feel loved when you are a slut.This Rachel is trashy, appalling and extremely two faced. You cannot trust her under any situations and caution is advised when dealing with the lady. She thinks about no body but herself as well as the needs of the woman disgusting loose vagina. She deservies ab muscles worst in life because that is really what she provides to others and it is despised by many peopleyou are able to You can you'll You can it is possible to You can you can easily spot this Rachel easliy due to the woman horrid features eg her large nose, hugh legs and thick guy arms. She dresses like a socially retarded teenager despite the fact that he is well into the woman 20's. This Rachel lives in Lemont, IL and may be located anywhere that sells coffee. It really is well worth noting that caution must be had whenever near this Rachel. She's a despicable bitch, and more worthless as compared to sperm spots on the bedsheetsPerson 1: "Hey, do you realize that guy over there? he keeps staring."Person 2: "Oh, which is Rachel."Person 1: "WOAH! Which is a lady?"individual 2: "Yeah, that is the chich Jake slept with."individual 1: "Nasty! What was he thinking?"