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"The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson is an American expert wrestler which passes the alias of Daniel Bryan into the WWE where he currently works and is the reigning and protecting United States Champion. FACT: he could be the best wrestler on earth despite the fact that the majority of the present day wrestling followers tend to be 3-11 year-old WWE sheep and compliments Cena.Danielson established a cult after inside separate circuit where he wrestled from 1999 to 2010 as he joined the WWE. After joining the WWE Danielson moved to their particular developmental territory FCW in which he stomped heads, as he would. The American Dragon ended up being placed on WWE NXT Season 1, where their name had been altered to Daniel Bryan, where he had been scheduled to loose every match he had been in because WWE knew that if they let him be himself and wrestle like Bryan Danielson they might maintain serious debt as a result of monster health expenses.Danielson was fired by the WWE after choking announcer Justin Roberts with a neck-tie durring the Nexus' first WWE appearance as a faction, but that is another article, following this shooting Danielson was to come back to the separate circuit in which he once again stomped heads in and made bitches tap.Danielson gone back to the WWE when he appeared because the 7th person in staff WWE in 2010 SummerSlam Pay-Per-View, throughout that match he made 3 folks tap out.After SummerSlam Danielson went on to conquer his previous NXT mentor The Miz by tap-out to win the united states Title.That is perhaps all.