What does Brussels Sprouts mean?

Brussels Sprouts meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A vegetable for the cabbage family members that grows in small cabbage-like minds or buds.

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  • Brussels sprouts seem like mini cabbages, and that is what they are. Many rows of sprouts develop for a passing fancy lengthy stalk. They start around 1 to at least one 1/2 inches in diameter; small sprouts tend to be more tender. Like cabbage, they must never be overcooked, or they come to be soggy and strong-flavored. Reject sprouts with yellowish leaves, loose leaves, or those that tend to be soft or otherwise not securely packed. Generally, Brussels sprouts tend to be a winter veggie, discovered from September or October on.

Brussels Sprouts meaning in General Dictionary

the tiny delicious cabbage-like buds developing along a stalk of brussels sprout plant

Sentence Examples with the word Brussels Sprouts

Transplant to the bottom of a south wall a portion of the peas sown in pots in frames in November and January for the first crop. Sow Brussels sprouts in gentle heat for an early crop.

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