What does Brunswick Academy mean?

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A small "private" school which offers K-12 education into less-than-stellar surrounding Southern Virginia populace. BA ended up being founded in order to keep consitently the local redneck young ones from being forced to go to college with all the "coloured people" in your community just who they mistakenly think by themselves is much better than. The school consistent consists of camouflage for guys and EXPRESS jeans when it comes to women. The girls have that unmistakable inbred turn to all of them and also the males assert their manhood through killing of deer regarding vacations and various university days which they lose. With university fees totaling only couple thousand bucks, the one and only thing "private" about this college is that its students tend to be kept secluded from reality of the way they compare contrary to the rest of the globe. Possibly their moms and dads should, instead, place that pocket change which they call "tuition" towards a math tutor that would tell them that their particular likelihood of getting homecoming queen or captain for the baseball staff are essentially 1/15 rather than 1/200 at other exclusive schools where they are able to really discover enough individuals to include a proper pupil human anatomy. To put it differently, their particular beloved title as King or Queen of BA is, actually, perhaps not exceptional whatsoever but instead laughable to your rest of Virginia. But if the hopes and dreams you have for your child contain a guaranteed cheerleading captain position, courses presented in permanent trailers (similar to home!), prom at the neighborhood look club and having expecting at 17 by the child the following tobacco farm over, after that by all means, reach into that center console of vehicle and scrounge up sufficient pennies going spend your first tuition payment...no application necessary (offered you pass skin shade testing)...They take everybody else that will come!