What does Bruceville-Eddy, Texas mean?

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somewhat town with an entire lotta nuthin, with the exception of a college authoritative who set-up digital camera's in the women restrooms, a police chief fired for allowing rogue cops rough up residents, therefore the rogue cops themselves that really work for peanuts as a result of the rest of the P.D.'s that didn't want them. But rest assured that what they are lacking in professionalism, they more than replace with ego. A quick consider these punks reveals that they hand out seats which can be generally bogus and only offer to make income for the ridiculous department that threatens locals besides. If you are from another area, never ever stop right here for gas or whatever else. The snakes also nail folks on I-35 going past Bruceville-Eddy, therefore watch out. Eliminate this shit-hole as much as possible.