What does Brucellosis mean?

Brucellosis meaning in Medical Dictionary

An infectious infection described as rising and reducing (undulant) fever, perspiring, muscle tissue and joint pains, and weakness. Brucellosis is brought on by the bacterium Brucella, which can be transmitted in unpasteurized milk from cattle, sheep, and goats; cheese made of this unpasteurized milk; and experience of diseased creatures. Antibiotics are acclimatized to treat Brucellosis. Also referred to as undulant temperature.

Brucellosis meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1930, Modern Latin, known as for Scottish doctor Sir David Bruce (1855-1931), just who found the bacteria that caused it (1887).

Brucellosis meaning in General Dictionary

an infectious illness of domestic pets usually resulting in spontaneous abortion; transmittable to human beings

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  • infectious bacterial condition of human beings transmitted by connection with infected animals or infected animal meat or milk products; described as temperature and annoyance