What does Bruce mean?

Bruce meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: French
Name Gender: Male

Bruce meaning in Etymology Dictionary

a Norman surname, but etymology from Brix (devote La Manche, Normandy) is considered skeptical ["Dictionary of English Surnames"]. Originated from Britain with Robert de Bruis, a baron listed in the Domesday Book. His child, a buddy of David I, master of Scotland, was awarded by him in 1124 the lordship of Annandale, and David's child, Robert, founded the Scottish House of Bruce. As certain title for U.S. guys, most well known for men produced c.1946-1954.

Bruce meaning in General Dictionary

king of Scotland from 1306 to 1329; beaten the English army under Edward II at Bannockburn and gained recognition of Scottish self-reliance (1274-1329)

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  • Australian physician and bacteriologist who described the bacterium that causes undulant temperature or brucellosis (1855-1931)

Sentence Examples with the word Bruce

The Scottish bowmen followed up this advantage, and the fight became general; the English horse, crowded into too narrow a space, were met by the steady resistance of the Scottish pikemen, who knew, as Bruce had told them truly, that they fought for their country, their wives, their children, and all that freemen hold dear.

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