What does Brucato mean?

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Verb(activity term): To brucato, brucatoed, brucatoingTo ditch, go to sleep on, be a dick to, or even perhaps not speak with someone while dating them/and or seeing them, or even play brain games with somebody and then make them believe everything is their particular fault, to go within the butt from a best friend and or key boyfriend, and not do just about anything concerning this because you nonetheless tend to be some bitch.Used in a sentence: man 1-"guy, I totally brucatoed that woman yesterday."man 2- "Flippin' NICE!!!!!!!!!!!1"We at Urban Dictionary aren't accountable for any harm triggered to little unfortunate creatures and or kiddies....We book our rights as a corporation to simply take fault for anything posted on our site and can brucato you at any moment.