What does Browser mean?

Browser meaning in General Dictionary

An animal that browses

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  • a viewer just who seems around casually without pursuing everything specifically
  • a program always see HTML papers
  • An animal that browses.

Browser meaning in Computer Dictionary

an application system that allows someone to explore the web in an easy to use way. Navigating cyberspace through a number of hyperlinks it is possible to see the Internet. Samples of popular browsers tend to be Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. The image regarding the Bing Chrome internet browser additionally the program you might be using to look at this text are both illustrations of a browser.

Browser meaning in Marketing Dictionary

(see browser)

Browser meaning in Law Dictionary

person who looks casually through publications or publications or at things on the market, an animal that nourishes mainly on high-growing vegetation or an application with a graphical interface for displaying HTML files, accustomed navigate the internet.

Browser meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1845, "animal which browses," broker noun from browse (v.). In the computer good sense by 1982. The initial web browser had been devised at PARC by Larry Tesler, today a fashion designer at Apple Computer. Tesler's very first Smalltalk browser had been a tree-structured device. It enabled code writers to hunt rapidly for products in a Smalltalk dictionary. ["InfoWorld" magazine, vol. v., # 4, Jan. 24, 1983]

Browser meaning in Business Dictionary

computer system program (eg Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) that allows individuals to get into, navigate, and search web sites. Browsers understand hypertext backlinks ('hotlinks') and allow papers formatted in hypertext markup language (HTML) becoming viewed on the pc screen, and offer a great many other solutions including mail and downloading and uploading of information, audio, and movie data. Also known as internet browser.

Browser meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A browser, also called an internet browser, is a software system developed as a simplified means to present and explore content regarding the World Wide Web. These pieces of content, including pictures, videos, and web pages, are linked utilizing hyperlinks and classified with Uniform Recourse Identifiers (URLs).

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Browser meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An animal that browses.