What does Brownian mean?

Brownian meaning in General Dictionary

related to Dr Robert Brown just who very first demonstrated about 1827 the commonness of movement described below

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  • related to Dr. Robert Brown, just who first shown (about 1827) the commonness of the movement described the following.

Brownian meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) regarding Dr. Robert Brown, who first demonstrated (about 1827) the commonness associated with motion described under.

Sentence Examples with the word Brownian

Other eminent names of the same school are Anton de Hain (1704-1776), Anton Stdrek (1731-1803), Maximilian Stoll (1742-1788), and John Peter Frank (1745-1821), father of Joseph Frank, before mentioned as an adherent of the Brownian system, and like his son carried away for a time by the new doctrines.

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