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A synonym for butthole, asshole, cornhole etc.; is the hole between a person's mudflaps that tends to have a perm-brown ring around it that shares approximately the exact same circumferance of a dime - ergo browndime; The brown taint due to poop that forms around an asshole - usually the shape and size of a dime.This term (browndime) is surprisingly underused inside our community by today (5/25/10) and thinking about its comic price as well as its sensibility, the expression should remove it terms of popularity in the near future. While terms such asshole and butthole tend to be timeless and worth great respect, BROWNDIME is a perfect modern go with (instead of a substitute) to your classic terms that have preceeded it. Like its predecessors, browndime envokes rich imagery yet handles to take action using easy, workingmang, terms. Humans of all of the intellect can value the immediate emotional picture that comes in your thoughts when they notice the word, not merely for firts time, but for the others of their life. Its very practical inside our culture yet it stays true toward fundamentals of potty-mouth language that Us citizens from all generations have enjoyed and appreciated. the image created by watching divided butt cheeks through the rear