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its a culture within America where in fact the men put on their pants below their bottom. They truly are noisy, rude, obnoxious, and constantly believe they've been appropriate and even though they're wrong. Their particular knowledge is horrible, they often united states others work and call-it their own and cannot review or compose perfectly. They may be able barely speak the English language that has today formed into what is known as Ebonics in which plenty of letters are switched with v's or a's. Their music inclination is rap or hiphop that they sing loudly in other people face or just around while enjoying it deafeningly noisy or while thinking about it. The fundamental diet associated with the Brovah guy is deep-fried chicken, watermelon, ribs, black-eyed peas, cabbage. mac and cheese, corn in the cob, grits, cornbread, and additionally they always top it with hot sauce. They like to take in one thing called a forty which can be a alcoholic drink however they fancy non-alcoholic drinks particularly orange beverage, purple beverage, or cool-aid. The females of this tradition are just such as the guys except they think they truly are really attractive but are very ugly in reality. The individuals associated with the Brovah guy culture have a obsession utilizing the recreation of basketball, being better then other individuals, Gold precious jewelry with diamonds, money, medicines, expensive cars, and weaponry. They even smoke cigarettes a plant that offers a intoxicating effect labeled as Marijuana. The women will name their children after things they cannot pay for. This culture is growing more every day and can take-over the U.S.