What does Brossential mean?

Brossential meaning in Urban Dictionary

Totally imperative to the broship. Essential to or important to the continuation of the brohood.Once a broship was created, you can, in many cases encounter situations that test that broship. Though in theory the brohood is forever, they could be damaged, if a bro: doesn't embark upon an epic journey (Taco Bell, like beer, is not as good alone), or renders a bro whenever most looking for the broship, hooks up with a bro's hottie, makes aside with another bro, gets a bro in jail, or takes some action causing a brotastrophe.The unwritten principles of brohood tend to be, by definition, brossential.We avoid the use of brossential while the powerful desire for the existence of the bro. This may impliedly break the rules regarding the broship as brohood remains in realm of philia.