What does Broskaya mean?

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a lady type of the broski, or an even more intense form of the bra.A broskaya is the best female buddy you could have.Broskaya levels may be reached with both fellow broskayas and broskis, but it is more widespread in female groups.A broskaya is the buddy whom blurts completely your most embarrassing secret, gives you intentionally bad advice for school play and borrows your chosen tone of lip stick if your time is tomorrow.Broskayas aren't frenemies, nonetheless. They constantly persuade make your life better with regards to utter embarrassment people. Including, the date your broskaya avoided? Your date ended up being a registered sex offender. The secret your broskaya blurted? Your crush today admires your dedication to bears. The school play? You've got actually bad pimples on the day associated with the overall performance.Broskayas also handy for keeping your perm when you vomit, and no-strings-attached lesbian experimentation. Today, don't you desire you'd one?