What does Bropiphany Bropiphany mean?

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A bropiphany is when a person all of a sudden understands that he is a bro. A bropiphany can happen in many locations; but most often happen at frat parties, American Eagle or such garments stores, consuming Nadi Light or Keystone, playing Lax, playing frisbie, playing Dave Matthews Band, and realizing your cap seems better backwards with a broken rim. If somebody is unaware that he has already established a bropihpany, you can often tell because of the change in appearance the individual features, plus the brand new ways the person covers folks. Many people that have had a bropiphany immediately make reference to other individuals as Brometheus, Brosef Stalin, Broger Federer, LeBro James, Bro-ack Brobama, Leonardo Bro-Vinci, an such like. (Noun) A Bropihpany happens when a couple of Bros arrived at a shared realization at the same time. A genuine Bropiphany frequently involves a Bro topic including females or cars.