What does Brookwood High School mean?

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essentially the gayest place on world. If you are searching for a cocky, perverted man and/or a simple, trashy girl....this is the spot. With the exception of a couple of cool people, who you could most likely rely on your hands, this college is all young ones with money and a lot of inside their minds.One important fact about it college is exactly how sucky their baseball group is. In fact, they suck so bad that their particular musical organization is bigger than their particular group. They depend on their cash to pay for refs and their super asian kicker, who is most likely from Japan, to win games. Perhaps one of the most irritating reasons for having their particular team is how much their particular players chat and how poor they play.All in all...Brookwood succeeds in some good arts and nearly fails at anything else. The only real deserved prize they will have ever obtained is their #1 place due to the fact suckiest school into the universe.