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A school in Sebastopol in which all instructors smoke cooking pot and therefore are definite hippies. It is a school in which everybody else ultimately visits Analy, if you don't're stupid and go to Elmo over in Forestville. It really is a school in which there are not any cheerleaders, but everyone desires the school mascot to be a seagull since they always bug everyone at meal. It's a school where in actuality the musical organization young ones are cooler compared to baseball team, and everybody really wants to take woodshop because it's always called best into the county. It is a school where everyone else reveals their particular college character, primarily because we constantly overcome Hillcrest and Twin Hills. Most importantly, it is a school in which most people are acknowledged in happiest city in the world. it is somewhere where arbitrary intimate activities will be the norm of course you're five and have nown't already been high you're a fucking nark and most most likely is going to be shot